Prayer to Our Lady of Ransom

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Prayer to Our Lady of Ransom
O Mother of Ransom, We praise you, for you bore our saviour, Lord Jesus, in your heart and in your womb. We venerate you, O Mary, for you are our strength, our joy and our life.

O Sweet Virgin, Blessed one among all women, we thank you for you are our refuge and our stronghold. We come to you, trusting in your divine presence, O Mother, our eternal gift be our everlasting blessing.

Our Compassionate Mother and O Miraculous Mother, Comfort and intercede for us in times of our pain, tears, sickness, and suffering that we may receive graces that we are in need of

(Silent prayer-mention your request here)

Heavenly Mother, with steadfast faith in you, we pray for your most powerful protection that we may be blessed by The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and lead a peaceful life on earth. Our dear Mother, inspire us that we may learn from you to be generous towards our less-fortunate brothers and sisters and glorify the Lord Almighty by our life of love and service.
(Recite the Hail Mary 10 times)
O Mother of Ransom, Pray for us.

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