How to Advertise Products, Services Freely offline?

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Advertisements keep our product and service in peoples view. Advertising helps us to reach more people and makes the product and service well-known. In this post, I share with you how you can advertise the product and service freely Offline.

 How to Advertise Products and Services Freely offline


Offer Free Tutorials:

Offer free tutorials about your product and service. By your free tutorials, you can reach out to many people.


Give Free Gift:

Offer free gift with your products and services. Give the free gift with your product and service offers and details. When you offer free gifts, your sale increases and your product and service reach many people.


Ads on Bus:

Many people paste ads inside the bus. If it is allowed in your area, try it in your area.



Make your workers to bring customers. Give some salary for  the each customer they bring. It will increase the reachability of your product and service.



Sponsor local game events and programs. By this sponsors, many people will get to know about your product and service.


In this post, you have learnt:

how to advertise offline?, How to advertise freely offline? Ways, tips and methods to advertise offline.

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