Topics to share with children & youth

Topics to share with children & youth


Of course you want to be special. Everyone does. That’s as natural as breathing and just as legitimate. And here is the good news you already are special you are unique. You are one of a kind no one in the whole world ever has been or ever will be exactly like you. And you are not finished you are growing you are in the process of becoming more and more special the materials of life are around you. You can use them to grow to become more fully yourself your best self you unique self. Not someone else. Not a clone. But you. So let yourself grow. This very moment is your unrepeatable chance to become the person God created you to be.  You have only one life. Time is short. Yesterday is over. Live today.
When you read you discover what life means to someone else. You share another person’s knowledge and view of life. You can actually take a look at all there is to know if you live long enough. So borrow books and magazines from the library. Or buy your own. Underline favorite passages; talk back to the author in the margin. Or write the author a letter. Memorize the good parts. Keep books in your car, in your coat, pocket, in your briefcase, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the garage---wherever you are spend some time. Be ready.
Laugh every single day. If there’s nothing lively going on think of something that’s funny. Before you go to bed at night be sure to have a good chuckle. Life is full of amusing things learn to observe there’s a funny side even to the sad things that happen it could take courage to recognize it but it’s there. Build a repertoire of funny stories things that happened to you. Tell these to others. Try no to talk about gruesome things like operations. Don’t harp on your aches and pains. No one wants to listen to that kind of an organ recital.
Say what you mean and mean what you say. Openness characterizes all great people. No double-dealing for you. You are a straight shooter. Openness ---honor ---is not some kind of antique relic of the past. Value it in yourself and in others. Value your honor at home, in politics, in your relationship with God. Value it of all in your heart of hearts.
Travel and see as much of the world as you can. Do this in reality or in imagination. See how big and wonderful the world is!  Don’t confine yourself to four bare walls. Look at the people. Realize that you now have your chance to bring something special to this world and to these people. Astronauts went to the moon. But you don’t have to go to anywhere to make your contribution. You already are somewhere and when you travel you return to this ‘somewhere’ which is home for you. You have your own special place in this big world.
Do something extraordinarily nice for someone who does even know who you are and the next time someone asks you to do something. Do even more than is asked. Walk that extra mile. Maybe a lot people will start asking you to do things for them when they hear about this. But don’t worry. You will know when it is time to limit your efforts.
 Just for fun sometime in imagine that you are a gift you have sent to yourself. Suppose you were all crated up in straw like a beautiful piece of sculpture. United parcel delivers this gift to you. As you remove the wooden slats and straw to uncover the artwork which is you. You see that this artistic marvel is alive and breathing, has a marvelous future, is fun to be with, is both practical and creative, has unlimited potential. That is you. You really are a gift to yourself.
Your life has a pattern. Look back at the moments of grace in your life the turning points that gave you an entire a new directions. Look at the decision you have made that added a new dimension to your life. Treasure the people and events that intensified these moments of time. This is your history take courage you are doing all right. Go forward toward your goals. But if as you look at the past it seems that eth has gone wrong and you have little to show for even your best efforts take courage just the same. Begin now from that dark background a bright pattern will emerge. It’s never too late.
A wise old grandmother once said: don’t do or say anything you would not want to see on page of tomorrow’s newspaper. Whether or not your action ever become the focus of a television interview, the theme of a newspaper article or the subject matter of a best selling book they are still your very own feature story. Think before you act. Edit your life before it goes to press.


Every person is a potential friend. Every individual can be your friend. Three attitudes are necessary for friendship faith hope and love. God himself has shown you the way he took the first step to make you his friend. When he created you he gave you these three gifts you are to share them with others by making friends. Whether or not you have friends depends upon you.
      Write your own script
 Be beautiful
Stay awake, Jump into life
Give and receive graciously
Give rare gifts
Write letters
Pat others on the back
Plant a tree
Cherish your family tree
Keep a journal
Enjoy your gifts
Develop your talents
Invest in people
Learn to love
Let yourself be happy
Don’t forget to remember
Dream dreams
Relax, Sing and Share 
Forgive and try to forget
Welcome tomorrow
Don’t underestimate yourself
Create opportunities
Dance, dance, dance
Listen with your eyes and ears
Admit your mistakes
Be faithful, Be sharp
value your time
Stay well, Be a doer
Appreciate your creator

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