WAITING FOR GOD TO COME(God is in others)

WAITING FOR GOD TO COME(God hidden in others)

Once, God promised an elderly lady that he would visit her that day. Naturally she was a bit proud about that.  She scrubbed and cleaned and polished and dusted and put everything in order. And then she sat down and waited for God to come.
Suddenly someone knocked at the door. In a hurry, she raced to the door, hastily pulled it open and what did she see but just a poor beggar standing outside. “No, not today; for heaven’s sake get along with you.  I’m waiting for God to come any minute now, I can’t be
bothered with you.” So she sent the beggar of and closed the door behind him. 
After a while there was another knock. This time the lady opened even faster than before.  But what did she see sanding outside? Just some poor old man. “I’m waiting for the good Lord to come.  Sorry, I can’t take care of you today,” With that she slammed the door in his face.
Quite a bit later someone again knocked at the door. She opened it and who stood there but another ragged and hungry beggar, who kept pleading for a bit of bread and roof over his head for the night. “Oh, leave me alone I’m waiting for the good Lord! I cannot take you in.” And so the beggar had to move on; and the old lady sat down to wait again.
The hours passed by and soon evening was coming on, but there was still no sign of God.  The lady became a bit concerned.  Where could he be?
Finally, she went to bed with a heavy hear,.  She fell asleep and dreamed that the good  Lord had come o her and said, “I came to you three times today and all three times you threw me out.”
From now on everyone who hears his story never sends anyone away from their door. For they just don’t know who it actually is standing there.  Who would want to send the good Lord away?

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