Webanswer-Make, earn Real Money Online for Asking and Answering Questions

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Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about webanswer-a way to Make, earn Real Money Online for Asking and Answering Questions. Making money online today is a hot topic. There are many people today who are making money online  now,and there are also those  are interested and searching for ways to make a living online. There are many online earning opportunities available to those willing to put time and effort to earn extra money online. Most of the time they require hard work and experience to make serious money, but there are also easy and fast ways to make money online. But there are also simple and even fun ways to make money online.

A simple and fun way to make real money online is by asking and answering questions on website called Webanswers. Webanswers is a revenue sharing website which gives a portion of its revenue to it’s contributors – the people who are asking and answering questions. Webanswers earns  revenue from Google Adsense, so in order to make money you will need an Adsense account. When you ask or answer a question, Webanswers will place ads from Google Adsense network on the page and when someone clicks on ads they make money. If you have contributed with a question or answer, certain number times the visitors will see ads associated with your Adsense account and you will earn money when they click on them. How many times you ads will be shown depends on a number of other answers and if your question is awarded your ads will be displayed all the time.

You earn from the questions that you answer or ask on Webanswers. There are thousands of open questions you can answer from many categories such computers, movies, finance, health, travel etc. If there is something that interests you, just ask and the community will answer. When you ask or answer a question on Webanswers, you and other contributors who ask or answer a question have your Adsense ads in rotation on the page, and when visitor click on them you make money. When an answer is awarded then only the contributor whose answer is awarded has his ads displayed on the page, and the ads of other contributors stop being displayed. However many questions remain not awarded and you and the rest of the people who have answered them earn percentage of the revenue. Because of this you should look for questions that have few answer for you to answer and increase your earnings.

Webanswers are fun, easy, simple and probably even a bit addicting way to make money online. To be able to make money all you have to do is join for free, answer questions have fun and start earning some extra cash. When you join Webanswers you must answer 50 questions before you will be able to start making money. After that you will need to  open an Adsense account if you don’t already have one. Webanswers will not make you rich or even make you full time income, but there is a potential to earn up to a few hundred dollars a month if you put enough effort and answer at least 20 -30 question a day.

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