How to Treat Woman?

The Best Way To Treat A Woman,
You Have To Be Precise;
You Should Be Kind, Sweet And Humble,
And To Treat Her Most Authentically Nice;
Think Of Her As A Tropical Fruit,
Which Growth Starts From A Seed;
Always Give Her Tender Loving Care,
And All The Faith That She Needs;




Talk To Her As Though She's Precious Glass,
That With A Slight Mistake She Could Break;
Among Most Women Is A Soft Tender Heart,
Unlike Males, Which Hard Feelings We Could Take;
Let Her Do As She Wants, And Trust As She Go,
But Don't Try To Control Her Life;
Just Step To Her Fair And Willingly,
And That Woman Would Enjoy Being Your Wife;
With A Woman, You Always Have A Challenge,
Best Known To Us As Rumors And Jealously;
If She's Wrong And You See It Within Her Heart,
Then You Take The Matter Seriously;

Always Give Your Girl Respect,
Please Don't Try To Neglect;
Both Of You Need To Stay In-Check,
And In The End I Don't Think You Would Regret;
Because Being With A Real Woman Indeed,
And Into A Relationship That Only Love Must Devour;
When You Treat Your Lady The Way That You Should,
She Would Open Up To You..... Like A Flower...

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