Seven success secrets of Sachin Tendulkar

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Seven success secrets of Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar gives Shailesh Kulkarni insights into how he performs on the varying pitches of life 
Coming straight off a three-hour advertising shoot, Sachin looks surprisingly morning fresh, sporting his typical broad smile. 
Here's a man who is recognised as one of the world's most superior sporting legends. And yet his words belie a simple nature that's rooted in life's most basic facets. Whether it's as a sportsperson, a restaurateur, an advertiser's delight or a family man, it's clear that Sachin Tendulkar has done it all and done it brilliantly. Here are seven habits that make Sachin the highly effective individual 
he is... 

Be positive 
Says Sachin, "Life for me has been a series of stages, where I've set standards and then tried to achieve them. Positivity has a lot to do with your upbringing and it is the parents' responsibility to teach their kids how to live life and take up challenges without fearing them and follow the right path. My father gave me total freedom in whatever I did. In case of trying times, remember, 'there is always a light at the end of every tunnel'." He believes positive thoughts make the body supple and help one move better. 

Be honest to yourself and others 
"Early in life I realised that what finally counts is my own opinion of me. Life is about keeping things straightforward, being honest and sincere in whatever you do and never cheating in any way, at any stage," he says. And that's what he'd want India's youngsters to imbibe into their lives. "I really dislike dishonesty and people saying one thing to your face and another when your back is turned. I would rather appreciate it if people came and told me anything openly on my face," he avers. 

Focus on your core competency 
"Cricket has always been the sole focus of my life. I am just Sachin... Sachin who belongs on the cricket field," he says. "I've been lucky that I've always had people around me cushioning the pressure. I focus solely on my game and they take care of the rest," he admits. 

Rely on others 
He attributes his success to the guidance of his coach Ramakant Achrekar, who moulded him in his Shivaji Park days. Besides his father, and brother Nitin's support, 
Tendulkar's other brother Ajit too, has played a pivotal role in grooming his career. "Even today, if I have a problem I look to him to help solve it," he says. His wife Anjali adds, "Yes, he allows his brother and me to take care of everything else - whether it is our home, family, financial affairs... I make sure that he can concentrate on cricket full time." 

Be able to switch on and off 
"I listen to music a lot. Anjali and the kids (who are now also an inspiration to me) help me relax and think of something else other than cricket, when I go home. So when I go back on to the ground, it is 100 per cent cricket and nothing else. It is important to be able to switch on and off whenever required," he explains. 

Sort out your priorities 
With so many things on his plate, time is always at a premium. Yet he has amazing clarity about what he wants to focus on and when. "My priority has always been playing good cricket," he admits. But apart from that, he says: "I like to spend a lot of time with my family. That's important because the kids are growing and I think it is important to be around. I am basically a family man." 

Keep it simple 
Sachin says, "My father always told me not to try and find short cuts. According to him, the path is always difficult and full of obstacles, but if you are true to yourself, nothing will come in your way. So I have just done that and tried to keep my life as simple as possible."

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