Real Life Incident: Mother Teresa Gets Saliva from Shop Keeper

Real Life Incident: Mother Teresa Gets Saliva from Shop Keeper:
Mother Teresa was once living in a small house in Calcutta along with some orphans. One day it so happened that there was nothing for the children to eat.  Mother Teresa did not know what to do. 

Mother Teresa called all the children and said, “Come children today we have nothing to eat in the house.  But, if we pray to God he will surely give.” After ten minutes of prayer, Mother Teresa said to the children “Come, now let us go and beg."  So they all went to beg. 

In the neighborhood of Mother Theresa, there was one shop keeper who hated Mother Teresa. Mother went to him and said “Please, give something to eat.”

The person looked at Mother Teresa with anger and spit saliva on Mother Teresa's hand.  Mother gently wiped the saliva to her sari and said, “Thank you for what you have given for me. Will you give something for my children?”

The shop keeper was shocked at the humility of Mother Teresa asked par…

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Funny Hilarious Jokes

Earth is round so things keeps on rotating. Do you know what is happening in INDIA? What are the Hot topics? Whats is next big thing?

Well the answer truly depends on what your interests are. If you love internet and you tube - them recently Bhuvan Bam of BB ki vines and Amit Bhadana completed their 10 million subscribers and still counting.... It is really a big achievement and these guys are individual you tubers and they are unique in their own arts.

If we talk about Bhuvan Bam, he is single and born in 22 January 1995. He loves singing and guitar. He is versatile singer BUT but he has got his fame from you tube by playing different characters and using the abusive day to day used language. His main audience is from 15 - 40 age groups. He plays himself 4 character and start group discussion. He use such a language that a normal Indian people use at their home - specially friends. People enjoy his creativity and conversion because they can relate themselves. Bhuvan keep his video sim…

Vastreader Funny Hilarious Jokes

Life is too short to be serious all the time..SO if you can not laugh at yourself.Please call me.. I will do it for you....

A man can achieve success if he tries HARD..


A woman can achieve she cries HARD... :):):)))

Boy: Do you love me?

Girl: Yup..

Boy: But you do not care for me..

Girl: The people, who are in love, do not care for anyone!!!

An funny man wenT to Barbour shop..

He sat on the chair.. Barbour surprisingly look at his head and asked: You have only 8 hair on your head.. Should I count or cut??

Man: Just color them BRO!!!

Life is to enjoy with whatever you have... :))

Hey... if you are born in September... It is pretty sure that your parents started thier new year with a BANG!!!

IF light goes in--

USA - People call in power office..

Japan: People check their fuse plugs.

INDIA - People first check that neighbor's light is also gone!!! :):)

Teacher: You are so careless.. Do you take anything seriously

Me: Yes, My smart phone low battery warning!!!