Real Life Incident: Mother Teresa Gets Saliva from Shop Keeper

Real Life Incident: Mother Teresa Gets Saliva from Shop Keeper:

Mother Teresa was once living in a small house in Calcutta along with some orphans. One day it so happened that there was nothing for the children to eat.  Mother Teresa did not know what to do. 

Mother Teresa called all the children and said, “Come children today we have nothing to eat in the house.  But, if we pray to God he will surely give.” After ten minutes of prayer, Mother Teresa said to the children “Come, now let us go and beg."  So they all went to beg. 

In the neighborhood of Mother Theresa, there was one shop keeper who hated Mother Teresa. Mother went to him and said “Please, give something to eat.”

The person looked at Mother Teresa with anger and spit saliva on Mother Teresa's hand.  Mother gently wiped the saliva to her sari and said, “Thank you for what you have given for me. Will you give something for my children?”

Real Life Incident: Mother Teresa Gets Saliva from Shop Keeper
Real Life Incident: Mother Teresa Gets Saliva from Shop Keeper vastreader

The shop keeper was shocked at the humility of Mother Teresa asked pardon from Mother Teresa. Then on he began to help regularly to the orphan children. 

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Mother Teresa's Love for Poor - vastreader:

The streets of Calcutta were dangerous, dirty, and crowded.  People were infected with cholera and leprosy, dysentery and other diseases that were fatal in most cases.  Mother Teresa and her group of helpers went among them every day with courage and conviction to do what they could to ease their pain.   

One day, Mother Teresa came across a young woman in the gutter of the street, directly in front of one of the Calcutta hospitals.  The woman was so ill that she did not notice or care that the rats and cockroaches were eating her feet. Mother picked up the woman and carried her into the hospital. She told the nurse inside:

This woman is dying. She needs help.

But the nurse replied:

Sorry, no room for her here.  She is poor and can't pay and we can't save her anyway, so we can't waste a bed on her. Now please move along.

Mother Teresa's heart broke as she carried the woman back to the street, and there she stayed with the woman for hours until she died.  Mother Teresa was angry and she felt like no one should have to die alone, forgotten and in despair in the dirty street.  

Mother Teresa found an old abandoned hotel just behind a Hindu Temple and started bringing in the people the hospital refused to admit.  They were so sick that she knew there was no hope of survival for them, but she felt compelled to make a place they could come to die.  It was a horrible undertaking as the people who filled the rooms had open wounds covered with maggots or had parts of their bodies missing due to disease.  The Hindus from the Temple did not want these people close to them and threw garbage and rocks at Mother Teresa. 

One day, Mother Teresa saw a man lying on the steps of the Hindu Temple -- very sick.  She learned he was one of the Hindu priests and no one at the temple would touch him for fear of getting his disease.  So they put him on the steps to die. Mother Teresa picked him up and took him to the old hotel where she cared for him until he died a peaceful death. The Hindus at the temple saw what she had done and never gave her any trouble again.

Pope Waited for meeting Mother Teresa - vastreader:

Her work paid off and she gained attention from church leaders who started calling on her, support finally came in. She still remained true to her professed values and put her mission work above all. 

The Hindustan Times speaks of an incident in 1965 when Pope Paul VI came to visit her in India; she informed him she was too busy with her work among the poor to meet with him. The pope was impressed with her dedication and declared his commitment to helping her with her cause, which included giving her the Lincoln he had been riding around in for his trip. She accepted the gift then auctioned it off to raise monetary funds for the people she was helping.

She later meet with him and his successors up until her death in 1997 but no matter who she was around, her attitude remained the same. She believed that the poor deserved everyone’s focus and blessing, that honoring their needs was more important than honoring authority as well as power.

Real Life Incidents: Mother Teresa's Rosary Heals Sick People - vastreader:

There are many true life incidents. One such was Jim's experience while meeting Mother Teresa in an airplane. Jim Castle was tired when he boarded his plane in Ohio. The 45-year-old management consultant had put on a week long series of business meetings and seminars and now he sank gratefully into his seat ready for the flight home to Kansas City, Missouri.

As more passengers entered, the place hummed with conversation, mixed with the sound of bags being stowed. Then, suddenly, people fell silent. Jim craned his head to see what was happening and his mouth dropped open.

Walking up the aisle were two nuns clad in simple white habits bordered in blue. He recognized the familiar face of one at once, the wrinkled skin and the eyes warmly intent. This was a face he has often seen in newscasts and on the cover of TIME Magazine.

The two nuns halted, and Jim realized that his seat companion was going to be Mother Teresa! As the last few passengers settled in, Mother Teresa and her companion pulled out rosaries. Each decade of the beads was a different color, Jim noticed.

The decades represented various areas of the world, Mother Teresa told him later, and added, “I pray for the poor and dying on each continent.”

The airplane taxied to the runway and the two women began to pray, their voices a low murmur. Though Jim considered himself not a very religious Catholic who went to church mostly out of habit, inexplicably he found himself joining in. By the time they murmured the final prayer, the plane had reached cruising altitude. Mother Teresa turned toward him. For the first time in his life, Jim understood what people meant when they spoke of a person possessing an “aura”.

As Mother Teresa gazed at him, a sense of peace filled him; he could no more see it than he could see the wind but he felt it, just as surely as he felt a warm summer breeze.

“Young man,” Mother Teresa inquired, “do you say the rosary often?”

“No, not really,” he admitted. Mother Teresa took his hand, while her eyes probed his. Then Mother Teresa smiled. “Well, you will now.” And Mother Teresa dropped her rosary into his palm.

Real Life Incidents: Mother Teresa's Rosary Heals Sick People
Real Life Incidents: Mother Teresa's Rosary Heals Sick People - vastreader

An hour later Jim entered the Kansas City airport where he was met by his wife, Ruth. “What in the world?” Ruth asked when she noticed the rosary in his hand. They kissed and Jim described his encounter. Driving home, he said. “I feel as if I met a true sister of God.”

Nine months later Jim and Ruth visited Connie, a friend of theirs for several years.

Connie confessed that she’d been told she had ovarian cancer. “The doctor says it’s a tough case,” said Connie, “but I’m going to fight it. I won’t give up.” Jim clasped her hand. Then, after reaching into his pocket, he gently twined Mother Teresa’s rosary around her fingers. He told her the story and said, “Keep it with you Connie. It may help.”

Although Connie wasn’t Catholic, her hand closed willingly around the small plastic beads. “Thank you,” she whispered. “I hope I can return it.”

More than a year passed before Jim saw Connie again. This time her face was glowing, she hurried toward him and handed him the rosary. “I carried it with me all year,” she said. “I’ve had surgery and have been on chemotherapy, too. Last month, the doctors did second-look surgery, and the tumor’s gone. Completely!” Her eyes met Jim’s. “I knew it was time to give the rosary back.”

In the fall of 1987, Ruth’s sister, Liz, fell into a deep depression after her divorce. She asked Jim if she could borrow the rosary, and when he sent it, she hung it over her bedpost in a small velvet bag. “At night I held on to it, just physically held on. I was so lonely and afraid,” she says,”yet when I gripped that rosary, I felt as if I held a loving hand.”

Gradually, Liz pulled her life together, and she mailed the rosary back. “Someone else may need it,” she said.

Then one night in 1988, a stranger telephoned Ruth. She’d heard about the rosary from a neighbor and asked if she could borrow it to take to the hospital where her mother lay in a coma. The family hoped the rosary might help their mother die peacefully.

A few days later, the woman returned the beads. “The nurses told me a coma patient can still hear,” she said, “so I explained to my mother that I had Mother Teresa’s rosary and that when I gave it to her she could let go; it would be all rosary in her hand.

Right away, we saw her face relax. The lines smoothed out until she looked so peaceful, so young.” The woman’s voice caught. “A few minutes later she was gone.”

Fervently, she gripped Ruth’s hands. “Thank you.”

Is there special power in those humble beads? Or is the power of the human spirit simply renewed in each person who borrows the rosary? Jim only knows that requests continue to come, often unexpectedly. He always responds though, whenever he lends the rosary, “When you’re through needing it, send it back. Someone else may need it.”

Jim’s own life has changed, too, since his unexpected meeting on the airplane. When he realized Mother Teresa carries everything she owns in a small bag, he made an effort to simplify his own life. “I try to remember what really counts - not money or titles or possessions, but the way we love others,” he says.

Real Life Incidents of Saint Mother Teresa Remembers Small Things - vastreader:

Some of my sisters work in Australia. On a reservation, among the Aborigines, there was an elderly man. I can assure you that you have never seen a situation as difficult as that poor old man's. He was completely ignored by everyone. His home was disordered and dirty.

I told him, "Please, let me clean your house, wash your clothes, and make your bed." He answered, "I'm okay like this. Let it be."

I said again, "You will be still better if you allow me to do it."

He finally agreed. So I was able to clean his house and wash his clothes. I discovered a beautiful lamp, covered with dust. Only God knows how many years had passed since he last lit it.

I said to him, "Don't you light your lamp? Don't you ever use it?"

He answered, "No. No one comes to see me. I have no need to light it. Who would I light it for?"

I asked, "Would you light it every night if the sisters came?"

He replied, "Of course."

From that day on the sisters committed themselves to visiting him every evening. We cleaned the lamp, and the sisters would light it every evening.

Two years passed. I had completely forgotten that man. He sent this message: "Tell my friend that the light she lit in my life continues to shine still."

I thought it was a very small thing. We often neglect small things.

Mother Teresa faced personal doubt in her beliefs - vastreader:

Such a megalith of faith, like Mother Teresa, can bring feelings of shame on believers who feel themselves inadequate in comparison, both in actions and faith. If Mother Teresa makes you feel like that, whatever your convictions are, take to heart that she expressed many doubts and agonized over her religious life. 

The UK Daily Mail reports from correspondence collected over Mother Teresa's lifetime that she faced many doubts about God and couldn’t always feel his presence in her life as strongly as she felt she should; she blamed herself for the misery this caused her.

This could be one more impetus that drove her to work with the needy because it fulfilled her own need to be closer to God through good works. It appears that her faith may not have always gone the way she wanted it to because it would be difficult to believe in a merciful and loving God  the way that she did when situated in an area where there was so much suffering. 

Instead of giving up, she let that struggle be a fact of her life and never let it be a stumbling block in her mission work.

Very Best Quotes from Mother Teresa - vastreader:

When you look at the crucifix, you understand how much Jesus loved you. When you look at the sacred host, you understand how much Jesus loves you. –Mother Teresa

The time you spend with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the best time that you will spend on earth. –Mother Teresa

Each moment that you spend with Jesus will deepen your union with him and make your soul everlasting more glorious and beautiful in heaven  and will help to bring about an everlasting peace on earth. –Mother Teresa

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