Ways to Make Money Online by Designing Logos at Home Free Fast No Scams with out Investment

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Ways to Make Money for Designing Logos

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Out of many ways to make money online available, those who are more creative can try designing logos for money.  If you are a creative person and enjoy working on graphic design projects, then designing logos can be a great source of income. Individual projects pay from ten up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a project. 

Designing logos is an excellent earning opportunity today and will continue to be so in the future. The reason why designing logos is a real online business opportunity for this is the fact that there are thousands new companies and websites launched every day. 

Their owners and webmasters are ready to pay a handsome sum of money for a professional made logo that catches eye and helps build the identity of their company or website.
Ways to Make Money Online by Designing Logos
Ways to Make Money Online by Designing Logos

Requirements to Make Money Online by Designing Logos:


in order to succeed you must be creative and original enough to design logos that stand out from the crowd. You are not the only one logo designer online and for every project especially those that are paying large sums of money you will face a lot of competition. If you want an edge over competition you must come up with creative and original ideas.

Skills in Using the Necessary tools:

When we say tools, we mean computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and similar. You must know how to use them if you are serious about making money designing logos.


Patience is also important for everyone starting as freelance logo designer. It takes time to build your reputation so be prepared to work for less money in the beginning until you build your reputation and increase your chances of landing a high paying project.

Logo Design Websites to Make Money Online:

There are many websites online where you can monetize your talent. Some of them are freelance sites like:
· Odesk – one of the greatest freelancing sites online.  Joining
odesk is free and takes a minute. Once you join you should put some of your best past projects on your portfolio and take free test relevant for the type of jobs you wish to do. This will greatly increase your changes to be hired, because there are many other designers bidding for the same project as you. There are thousands of clients looking for a skilled logo designer on odesk.

· Elance – is a freelance jobs site similar to odesk. There are many design jobs you can bid on, some of them very lucrative. Make sure that every project you are awarded you complete to the best of your abilities and receive positive feedback which in turn will increase your odds of being hired to do more jobs. Other freelancing sites where you can find logo design jobs are Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, iFreelance.

Make Money Online Designing Logos Contests:

Another way you can make money online designing logos is to participate in logo designing contests. 

You can find logo design contest on these websites:

· 99designs – is a website where graphical designer participate in contests posted by the employers. The designers then pick which contests they wish to participate in them and submit their work according to the requirements.  At the end, the contest winner gets rewarded.

· Crowdspring – is similar to 99designs, and unlike 99designs is not exclusively for logo designers, writers can also   monetize their work on Crowdspring.

Another logo design contest sites are Logomyway, Hatchwise, Logotournament, Designcontest and Designcrowd.

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