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Bookmark Our Blog

We would like to keep our blog close to you so that you can access it fast. By bookmarking, you can come to this blog by one click and have it for future reference. 

If you know it, just bookmark it. If you do not know, please go through this post. It will teach you to bookmark our blog to your browser.

Most users venture into the Bookmarks menu, click Add to Favorites (or something similar), and so on. It can add up to a lot of clicking.

There's a faster, easier, smarter way: Just use the keyboard shortcut. Here's the keystroke for all popular browsers:
Chrome: Ctrl-D
Firefox: Ctrl-D
Internet Explorer: Ctrl-D
Opera: Ctrl-D
Safari: Ctrl-D
Now, it's worth noting that in some browsers, you can do a little more with this command. In Chrome, for example, pressing Ctrl-Shift-D lets you bookmark a page and edit the details. In Firefox, that same keystroke bookmarks all currently open tabs.