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Ban on Rabbit Meat is Cancelled by the Government on April, 2016

KOZHIKODE: It is time for hundreds of Rabbit farmers in the State to rejoice, as the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has repealed the ban orders on rabbit slaughtering in the State. It was during 2014, that the FSSAI urged the State Government to strengthen the vigil and ensure compliance of the order which restricts slaughtering of dog, cat, rabbit and camel anywhere in the State.

FSSAI after taking suggestions, views and comments from stakeholders decided to include Leporidae (Rabbit family) under the species of animal that provide meat for human consumption. Earlier, the FSSAI had only included Ovines (sheep family), Caprines (goat family), Suillines (pig family), Bovines (cattle family including buffalo and bison) and poultry and fish for human consumption but the new proposed draft of FSSAI included Leporids to this list.

Excited over the revision of the draft, Dr Migdad Mullathayil, a rabbit farmer from Malappuram District said, “I have been into rabbit farm…