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If you have blog, website and social network accounts, you can easily make money online with URL shortener. short URLs helps you keep your URLs short. So it can be shared easily. You can share your bitly URLs on social networks to make money online. Bitly offers complete detail about who, when and where clicked your bitly short URL. with bitly URL, you can easily understand your audience and their interest. with bitly data, you can advance in your business and make money online.

But this same thing can be done with and  you can make money online for every click your adfly short URL gets. When you get adfly Url Shortener, you links take users to a new window and shows ad for 5 seconds and return to the URL of your content. and also when the users click the URLs in your social network account, website or blog. You make money online for allowing the URL shorteners to show ad for 5 seconds before going to your website, webpage or blog. People prefer adfly for shortening URL. Adfly pays $4-$8 for 1000 views. It looks small but when gets lots of click, it really big.
Ways to Make Money Online with URL Shortener

How to Make Short Url

To make or create a short Url, First sign up for an account in When you signed up for the account, sign in to your account in bitly. In the home page itself, you will find the box for shortening the url. Paste the long url and press enter then it will give you short bitly url and it can be called bitlyurl. making a Short url is really a easy work.

How to Make Money with

You make money online with bitly by understanding your users likes, dislikes and interest. Bitly analysis helps you to move forward in your business.



Benefits of

  • Shortens your url.
  • Can be integrated with social networks.
  • Your Links help you make money online.

Where to Get Traffic for Short Url?
A great way to attract lots of users to click on your links is to set up a Facebook group. Many of these groups have more than a million users - so if you get your thinking cap on, you can make good money very quickly! You can also make more money by making videos and post them to YouTube and leave a link in the description.

Facebook- Millions of people use Facebook every day, so Facebook is the best way to post your links and publish them. 

Twitter- Get some followers on twitter and post your links there so your followers can click on these links.

Youtube- You can also use for your links by uploading videos.

Pinterest- Publish pictures of popular content with links of your website. earn money is easy.

Make a Website- You can make a free website (blog or free Google site) and post your links on the website with your content. Thus, you make money with bitly.

Ask your Friends- Ask your friends to follow the links on your website.

Use Forums- Write posts or comments on forums to promote your links and website. bitly earn money is really easy.

Think of these before Going for

· Your links are replaced by url.
· Affects Social Bookmarking.

Create Website like

Do you like to create Website like you can find people to create website like in freelance websites like elance, freelancer, ifreelance and the like. Talented and skilled people are in freelance website. You can surely find people to create websites like

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How to Earn Money from bitly  is clear by this post. Start to make money online with bitly.

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