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Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about making and earning online for buying and selling websites. One of the more lucrative and less known way to make money online is selling websites for profit. Selling websites is a legitimate online earning opportunity and can potentially bring huge profits.  Websites are also called virtual real estate and there is a market online for quality websites.  The process of making money buying and selling websites is rather simple, but certain skill and experience is necessary to make really big profits in  this business. You simply must know the market and what are potential buyers looking for, and where to find buyers. You must also know how to evaluate a website so you don’t end up paying more than a site is worth or charging less for the websites you are trying to sell or resell.  There are two ways you can find websites you can later sell, build it yourself or buy it from website marketplace.

When building the website yourself first thing to do is buy a domain name that is easy to remember, stands out from the rest and is related to what ever it is that you offer on your site. You should choose .com .net or .org domain name for your site. After you register a domain name you need to design our website. Your site should give the visitor what they are looking for and make it both visually attractive and informative so they will  come back in the future.  You could also offer to redesign your website for an extra fee if the potential buyer wants it. This will help you negotiate a better price.

At this point you are probably asking yourself  who are my potential customers?   Your potential buyers are both individuals and companies looking for established website with traffic  which will help them in achieving their objective.  Affiliate marketers looking for niche websites with targeted visitors interested in things  they are offering. Companies  interested increasing their business by including more websites in their portfolio. If you have an established website there is always plenty of buyers interested in buying on website marketplaces like

Before you put up your website for sale there are certain conditions that need to be met in order to reach a decent price. The most important thing that potential buyers will look into is how your website  ranks in major search engines.  Another  think they will look into is the number of back links that are coming into your website. The buyers will more likely improve the website to their needs but that doesn't mean that they will not want from the   the website to be  nice looking and regularly updated from the start. 

Selling websites can be very profitable business, but it is not a simple and easy. Buying and selling websites is an art and it takes certain skill and experience to make it work, so make sure to educate yourself and learn all there is to know about this type of business.

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