How to Be Attentive in the Class (Tips for Students)?

If you are attentive in the class, you can get clear idea about the lesson from your teacher, lecturer, professor or any one; and you can write your exam with these ideas. To be  attentive in the class, you have to prepare yourself bodily and mentally. Here below are the steps to be attentive in the class,


Prepare Mind:

When you walk to the class, say to yourself "I am going to the class, I will listen carefully to the teaching, I will be attentive to the class and I will take notes clearly". These words prepares your mind for the class and the mind will be attentive to the class. These words may seem to be simple words but it has tremendous power to help to be attentive to the class. These words give order to the mind and controls your mind to be attentive to the class.

How to be attentive in the class (tips for the students)


Idea! To find out the difference, one day attend the class with these words and another day with out saying these words before the class. Go home try to recall the lesson and you will find the difference.


Prepare Body:

As you prepare your mind for the class, you have to prepare your body as well. The Below given tips will help you to prepare your body  to be attentive to the class.


Take Notes:

Take notes clearly and neatly. It keeps you away from sleep and drowsiness.


Take Good Rest Before:

Take Good rest before the class. Sleep well at nights. Over sleep ruins your life.



Do refresh before the class. Do Face wash. Go for nature calls.


Look at the Teacher:

Look at the teacher. Focus on their eyes. Try to answer their questions.


Sitting Position:

Sit straight with your hands on the table. By sitting straight, needed oxygen goes to your mind to keep it alive in the class not left to function improperly.  Don't cross or fold your hands.Keep your legs in front and side wise. Don't cross your legs.


Breathing Exercise:

Inhale and exhale slowly for five times. It will increase oxygen intake, give boost to your mind, refreshes your body and keeps you away from drowsiness.


In this post, you have learnt:

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