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Message for Life with 26 Alphabets of English

The 26 letters of the English alphabet  are so intelligently arranged.They show you the way of life..
*"A"lways "B" e  "C" ool.   "D" on't  have "E" go  with  "F" riends  n Family.   "G" iveup   "H" urting  "I" ndividuals.   "J" ust  "K" eep  "L" oving  "M" ankind.   "N" ever  "O" mit  "P" rayers.   "Q" uietly  "R" emember  "G" od.   "S" peak  "T" ruth.   "U" se  "V" alid  "W" ords.   "X" press  "Y" our  "Z"eal.*                                          SHARE this Awesome message.

Check the Power of Your Spelling - Rearrange the letters

Open Challenge 4 u.This 5 things we daily see in our life
Rearrange the spellings for right answers                1. Ahmpabja
               2. bokeacfo.            
               3. ihbugtlet
               4. Eiolmb
               5. irmror                      Lets Check Ur Brain.

How to Write Table of any Two Digit Number (10 to 99)?

How to write Table of any two digit number?For example Table of *87*First write down *table of 8 than write down table of 7 beside*  8            7                    87
16         14    (16+1)    174
24         21    (24+2)    261
32         28    (32+2)    348
40         35    (40+3)    435
48         42    (48+4)    522
56         49    (56+4)    609
64         56    (64+5)    696
72         63    (72+6)    783
80         70    (80+7)    870This way one can make Tables from10 to 99 .share & teach children

Funny Whatsapp Teacher and Student Jokes

Teacher - Can you please tell the name of 2 great Kings who have brought happiness & peace into people's lives ?”Student :“Smo-king & Drin-king ” !!!Teacher Resigned !πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Teacher: Who was Akbar ?  
Boy: Akbar was Gay. Teacher:- What, Are you mad ? Why did you say that? 

Boy:- We have heard Laila - Majnu, Romeo-Juliet  
But Only 
Akbar - Birbal !
Teacher diedπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Last one.....Teacher : students.. On britannia tiger biscuit cover,there is a green dot. Wat does that mean? Student : tiger is online.. .πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Funny Whatsapp Messages Selected Messages

😩 42°+ temperature in many places.... some one wrote to Sun...Dear Sun,Please go to settings>display>brightness and lower your brightness! Please, its too hot to handle! 🌞 Sun's reply...I have not changed any settings. Please go to your settings and... 1. Increase number of trees...
2. Reduce carbon emissions levels...
3. Reduce concrete jungles...
4. Increase number of lakes...Basically, switch to
"Human Mode"
from auto mode...!!!Please share....