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What is firewall, virus, spyware, malware, spam, worm, action center, security and user account?

Learn about windows security, action center, firewall and the things relating to them. In this post, we learn about Protect your computer, Manage security settings with Action Center, Use a firewall, Use virus protection, Use spyware protection, Update Windows automatically, Use a standard user account and Tips for safely using e‑mail and the web.

If you connect to the Internet, allow other people to use your computer, or share files with others, you should take steps to protect your computer from harm. Why? Because there are computer criminals (sometimes called hackers) who attack other people's computers. These people can attack directly, by breaking into your computer through the Internet and stealing your personal information, or indirectly, by creating malicious software to harm your computer.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself by taking a few simple precautions. This article describes the threats and what you can do to defend against them. Protect your computerThese are wa…

Introduction to Programs in Windows

Learn about program and the things relating to program. In this post, Opening a program, Using commands in programs, Creating a new document , Saving a document, Moving information between files, Undoing your last action, Getting help with a program, Exiting a program and Installing or uninstalling programs.

Almost everything you do on your computer requires using a program. For example, if you want to draw a picture, you need to use a drawing or painting program. To write a letter, you use a word processing program. To explore the Internet, you use a program called a web browser. Thousands of programs are available for Windows.

Opening a programThe Start menu is the gateway to all of the programs on your computer. To open the Start menu, click the Start button.  The left pane of the Start menu contains a small list of programs, including your Internet browser, e‑mail program, and recently used programs. To open a program, click it. If you don't see the program you want to open, b…

Learn to Work with Pictures on Windows

Learn to use pictures on windows and the things relating to picture. In this post, we learn about Getting pictures from your camera into your computer, The Pictures library and Windows Photo Viewer, Working with your pictures, Organizing and finding your pictures, Sharing pictures, Printing pictures and Backing up your pictures.Photo printing once required a darkroom or a professional photo lab—not to mention advanced training. But in the last decade, digital cameras and computers have revolutionized the field of photography, making it possible for anyone to print photos at home. In this article, you'll learn how the tools in Windows can help you view, organize, and print your digital pictures. Getting pictures from your camera into your computerMost digital cameras store pictures on a CompactFlash memory card or a Secure Digital (SD) card. When you're ready to view, organize, or print your pictures, you'll need to import the pictures to your computer. Then you can erase …

Easy ways to Make and Earn Real Money Online for Writing Blog Posts

Dear Friend, Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about making money for writing blog posts. There are millions of blogs online and new ones are started every day. People start blogs because they want to blog about things that interest them. There are blogs about fashion, cooking, business, entertainment, movies, computer games, health fitness etc. What blogs need is a constant supply of fresh and original articles. Blog owners must post new content on a regular basis to keep their audience coming back.
This open many possibilities for anyone that is expert in a certain field to create a source of online income writing blog posts. If you are expert in a certain area and love to write than you can write blog posts for clients that they can publish on their blogs.  Many blog owners don’t have either time or expertize to write themselves so they outsource the writing to freelancers. If you have knowledge about finances, then you can write articles that will be published on finance bl…

Remove delete a computer virus, malware, adware or spyware from your computer or laptop

Dear friend, Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about removing virus from your computer or laptop. Here are a few things you can try to remove a computer virus:Keep your antivirus program up to date. If you have already installed an antivirus program on your computer, it's important that you keep it up to date. Because new viruses are being written all the time, most antivirus programs are updated frequently. Check your antivirus program's documentation or visit their website to learn how to receive updates. Be aware that some viruses block common antivirus websites, making it so you cannot go to the website to download antivirus updates. If this happens, check with your antivirus vendor to see if they have a disc you can use to install the latest updates. It might be possible for you to create this disc on a computer that is not infected (for example, on a friend's computer).Use an online scanner. If you don't have antivirus software installed, visit the Window…

find out or check out if your computer or laptop has a virus or affected by virus

Dear friend,Happy to see you’re here. Come, let us find out if your computer or laptop is affected by virus. If you can answer "yes" to any of the following questions, your computer might have a virus.Is your computer running very slowly? A common symptom of a virus is much slower than normal computer performance. However, there can be other reasons for slow performance, including a hard disk that needs defragmenting, a computer that needs more memory (RAM), or the existence of spyware or adware. Are you getting unexpected messages, or are programs starting automatically? Some viruses can cause damage to Windows or some of your programs. The results of this damage might include messages appearing unexpectedly, programs starting or closing automatically, or Windows shutting down suddenly.Is your modem or hard disk working overtime? An e‑mail virus works by sending many copies of itself by e‑mail. One indicator of this is that the activity light on your broadband or external m…

Ways to Make and earn Money for Tutoring Online at Home Free Fast No Scams with out Investment

Dear Friend, Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about make money tutoring online. One of the growing online job opportunity is teaching or tutoring online. Tutoring jobs are nothing new. Everyone with necessary qualifications and experience could teach a  large variety of subjects from either school or university to teenagers, college students, and even an elderly people interested in studying new things such as foreign language. Tutoring is usually done in your own house or in the students homes, but now tutoring can be also done online. All you would need  to be an online tutor is a computer connected to internet. Online tutoring usually pays less than traditional tutoring, but then you should consider there is not commuting and time and expenses associated with it to get a complete picture. You can teach almost anything depending on your qualifications, skills, knowledge and experience. Music, foreign languages, Math, Science, whether it’s a school or university level, online…

Protect computer and laptop from viruses

Dear friend,Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about protecting computer and laptop from virus. Protecting your computer from viruses and other threats isn't difficult, but you have to be diligent. Install an antivirus program. Installing an antivirus program and keeping it up-to-date can help defend your computer against viruses. Antivirus programs scan for viruses trying to get into your e‑mail, operating system, or files. New viruses appear daily, so check the antivirus manufacturer's website frequently for updates. Most antivirus programs are sold with annual subscriptions, that can be renewed as needed. Do not open e‑mail attachments. Many viruses are attached to e‑mail messages and will spread as soon as you open the e‑mail attachment. It's best not to open any attachment unless it is something you are expecting. Microsoft Outlook and Windows Mail help block potentially dangerous attachments.Keep Windows updated. Periodically, Microsoft releases special securi…

Make Money Online Buying And Selling Websites

Dear Friend,
Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about making and earning online for buying and selling websites. One of the more lucrative and less known way to make money online is selling websites for profit. Selling websites is a legitimate online earning opportunity and can potentially bring huge profits.  Websites are also called virtual real estate and there is a market online for quality websites.  The process of making money buying and selling websites is rather simple, but certain skill and experience is necessary to make really big profits in  this business. You simply must know the market and what are potential buyers looking for, and where to find buyers. You must also know how to evaluate a website so you don’t end up paying more than a site is worth or charging less for the websites you are trying to sell or resell.  There are two ways you can find websites you can later sell, build it yourself or buy it from website marketplace.
When building the website yourself …

Cafepress–Make, Earn Money Designing Your Own Merchandise

Dear Friend,Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about cafepress- make and earn money designing your own merchandise. Cafepress is one of the not so well known online income opportunity. Cafepress is an online retailer that sells user-customized merchandise. There are millions of products listed  on the marketplace such as t-shirts, mugs, bags, calendars and many more. Cafepress offers opportunity to earn money online to both the creative people such as designers and also to the website owners and bloggers. Cafepress allows you to earn money by designing your own merchandise and by selling products that are designed by other people. To start designing your own products you should open your own store on Cafepress. There are three types of stores, Basic, CafePress and Premium. Basic, and Cafepress are free to set up but they have their limitations, however you can set up as many as you like. The free stores have their limitations in the number of products you can sell . Basic shop …

Make or Create Labels, Turn Posts into Page, Tab, Button or Menu in Blogger

Dear Friend, Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about making, creating your labels, categories, posts into a page, tab, button or menu. Tabs that appear on the blogger are actually just pages. First add labels to your posts - for example top posts. Then click on the label and the right click the label and copy link address. Create a new page on blogger (web page ). Title the page and paste the link address. Save that. Now view your blog. Click the tab and Now all posts that have a label of top posts will appear on that page.
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Make Money Online Working on Fiverr

Dear Friend,Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about make and earn money online working on Fiverr. One of the ways people make real money online for free is by offering to do a task on a service marketplace called Fiverr. Fiverr is completely free to join and anyone with a computer connected to internet can join and start making extra money online. You can join thousands of people who are making money with Fiverr offering various services and completing tasks from many categories such as: Graphics and design. You can offer to design a book cover, or a logo or a business card for a customer. Video & animation. You can offer your customers to edit a video or a make a 3D animation for them. Online marketing. You can offer to build backlinks for your customers or send a number of visitors to their website Writing and translation. Offer to write a 400 word article or translate a 1000 words to the potential clients. Advertising. You can offer to create a video or a logo for certa…

Webanswer-Make, earn Real Money Online for Asking and Answering Questions

Dear Friend,Happy to see you here. Come, let us learn about webanswer-a way to Make, earn Real Money Online for Asking and Answering Questions. Making money online today is a hot topic. There are many people today who are making money online  now,and there are also those  are interested and searching for ways to make a living online. There are many online earning opportunities available to those willing to put time and effort to earn extra money online. Most of the time they require hard work and experience to make serious money, but there are also easy and fast ways to make money online. But there are also simple and even fun ways to make money online.

A simple and fun way to make real money online is by asking and answering questions on website called Webanswers. Webanswers is a revenue sharing website which gives a portion of its revenue to it’s contributors – the people who are asking and answering questions. Webanswers earns  revenue from Google Adsense, so in order to make money …