Funny Jokes: Indian is Great and Intelligent

A Japanese traveller goes to Bombay on a Taxi.

The Japanese: “Your taxi goes very slow. Japanese taxi goes very fast. Your buses are very slow. Japanese buses go very fast.”
At the end of the journey the fare came to Rs 120.
“What!” yelled the Japanese. “Your taxi meter goes very fast.”
“Yes, Sir'” said the cabbie. “Meter is Japanese.”


One day an insect falls into a mug of beer...
And the Reactions were......
Throws his mug away and walks out
Takes the insect out and drinks the beer
Eats the insect and throws the beer away
Drinks the beer with insect as it is coming free
Sells the beer to the American and insect to the Chinese and gets a new
mug of beer. ......INTELLIGENT INDIANS
-Accuses the Indian for throwing insect into his beer
-Relates the issue to Kashmir
-Asks the Chinese for Military aid
-Takes a loan from the American to buy one more mug of beer.

Indian vs Americans (English)
One day, two friends (one is indian and other is american) visit a choclate shop in America. Watching the people busyAmerican steal 3 chocolates. After leaving the shop. American said "Man I m the best thief ever, I stole 3 chocolates and no one
saw me, u cant beat that".
Indian replied:"You wanna see
something better, lets go back to the
shop and I will show you real
So they went to the counter and
Indian said to the Shop boy:-"Do
wanna see magic....??
Shop boy replied:"Yes."
Indian said:"Give me one chocolate
The shop boy gave him one,
and he ate it.
He asked for the second,
and he ate that as well.
He asked for the third, and finished
that one too.
The shop boy asked:"But where
is the magic....??
Indian replied:"Check in my friends
pocket, and you ll find them."
U can't beat an INDIAN Hahahha.

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