How to Increase Adfly Views?

You can easily make money online with Adfly URL and links. Adfly shows an ad for 5 seconds in a new window and goes to your URL content, when someone clicks your adfly Url or link. Adfly pays you for allowing adfly to show ads. More than 2 million registered users use adfly to make money online with adfly links.

You make money online as for the number of view your links gets. You can make money from Adfly around 4$-9$ per 1000 unique views. The amount of money you can make with links depends on the location of the people who click links. Adfly URL shortener can also be used to shorten long URLs. So that it can be easily share on social networks.

You can easily make money online with Adfly URL and links. Adfly shows an ad for 5 seconds in a new window and goes to your URL content, when someone clicks your adfly Url or link. Adfly pays you for allowing adfly to show ads. More than 2 million registered users use adfly to make money online with adfly links.
Ways to Make Money Online with Adfly URL Shortener

How is Adfly link or adfly URL? URL or adfly Link is similar to Bitly helps you only to shorten URL. But Adfly goes further and helps you to make money online with Adfly URL and adfly Link. Adfly links looks like this “”. Adfly shortens any long URL to about 20 character short URL.

How Does Adfly link Work?

When someone clicks Adfly URL or adfly link, there is a twist. Before redirecting to the website or blog, will show an ad to the visitor. The visitor had to see the advertisement at least for 5 seconds and then the visitor can continue to linked website or blog.

For Example, when someone clicks, before redirecting to “” will show an ad for 5 seconds to the visitor. The visitor had to see the advertisement at least for 5 seconds and then the visitor can continue to original link i.e. “”.

Advantages of Adfly URL Shortener:

  • Traffic is targeted by country. 
  • Make Money easily 4$-8$ per 1000 unique views. 
  • Your Links and shares help you make money online. 
  • Fast and Easy Sign Up process. 
  • Simple User Interface. 
  • Easy to use and make money online. 
  • Minimum Payout is only $5. Easy to reach. 
  • Daily Payment is also available. 
  • Many easy to use tools are available. 
  • You can also make money by referring others. 
  • Affiliate Program is also available. 

How to Make Money Online with

Best thing about Adfly is that even a person who does not know much about computers, internet and other tech stuffs can also make money online on adfly. There is no specific strategy to make money online from Adfly. Here are the some of the ideas to make money from Adfly but it doesn’t mean that these are the only ways to make money online with Adfly. Be creative to make your own ways to share your links so that adfly links reaches to the huge number of people and they click on adfly links.

In a nutshell, a person is going to click Adfly links if you have something interesting or valuable to share through Adfly links. Here are some of the places you can share your Adfly links. But before you share Adfly links; be sure you have something people want to check out. Let’s start:

Post on Forums:

Most of the forums allow links in your posts. Find a trending topic that is going to be trending for few months at least (So that you can make money for months). Find forums related to that topic and sign up to them. Find something related to that topic and post on them on the forums. Keep increasing your posts solely (Note: Never spam or you will get banned from forums).You will see your earnings increasing slowly.

Comment on blogs:

This is similar to the above trick. Just the difference is that this time you are posting on blogs related to your topic. Post Adfly links in comments in the blogs related to your topic and people will click on them.

Using Social Networks:

Social networks are place where people usually share Adfly links. Only you have to do is that, find some famous social networks and before posting any link shorten it with But you should take care that a person after seeing the advertisement and skipping the ad, should get something interesting. If he gets something junk, surely he is not going to click Adfly links anymore in the future.

Note: Most famous social networks like Facebook, twitter etc. have banned links. But you can use REFBAN URL shortener on these Social networks. Don’t worry there are other social networks which have not banned Adfly links. You can use them.

Using Blog or Website:

If you have a blog or a website, you can use it to make money from Just change your outgoing links to links or you can use also Adfly full page script or website entry script.

Note: Using links on professional blog or website is not recommended.

Refer Others to Adfly (Adfly Affiliate Program):

Adfly Affiliate Program can be proved to be the way to make most money from Only you have to do is to refer your friends, relatives or anyone to join and you will make money.

Refer Publishers and you will receive 20% of their earnings for life.

Refer Advertisers and earn 5% commission on every advertising order they make.

Payments limits on Adfly:

The average rate of pay is $4.00 per thousand clicks. $4.00 may sound small, but just think for a second. Over 500 million people use Facebook on a daily basis. If you could get even a small portion of Facebook users to click on your links, you could be earning a tidy amount of money.

Payments Methods on Adfly: has an easy to reach payment threshold, so once you have earned $5.00 on your account, your earnings will automatically be paid into your PayPal, Payoneer (Bank Transfer and Prepaid Card) or payza account. If you don't have a PayPal, Payza or Payoneer account don't despair, they're both free to join and simple to use.

How to Get or request Payments from Adfly:

To get or request Payments from Adfly, you need to have at least $5.00 in your threshold. Go to your account page and fill the payment address and choose the mode of payment and request payment. You can also get daily payments from Adfly. Here blow are the requirements to get daily payment from Adfly.

Requirements to Get Daily Payment from Adfly URL Shortener:

  • Withdrawal Account has to be Set.
  • Paid once in monthly payment.
  • Account is longer than one month.
  • Account details not changed in last 72 hours.
  • Cash out limit reached.

How Does Adfly Make Money Online?

You may have some questions about why pays you money and how itself makes money. To make it clearer, let us take an example. Think of advertisers who want to sell product or promote online business. So, the advertisers want more visitors to see the business or buy the products. is the solution for the advertisers. Let's check out the complete working of

Advertiser pays money to Adfly to show the website to visitors of any specific country or the whole world. Let’s say advertiser paid $2 for 1000 visits.

Adfly takes a cut. Let’s say Adfly takes $0.4.

Adfly shows the advertisement (of advertiser's business or product) for 5 seconds when a visitor clicks on publisher’s adfly links. Publisher gets rest of $1.6 for 1000 visits on Adfly links.

Now you have the complete idea of why pays your money. This is how adfly make money online. Your next question may be is Adfly legit or Scam? Here is the answer for you.

Is Legit or Scam? is not a scam; there are several points which prove that Adfly is legit and no Scam.

  • Adfly was started on 2009. It is six years now as of 2015. Only legit sites can live for so much of time. 
  • According to Alexa, Adfly is among the top 100 websites of the world. Can you ever think of a scam site in the top 100 websites of the world? 
  • Adfly has more than 2 million users registered which prove that is a famous and legit site. 
  • Adfly always pays on time. 

Unique and Raw View in Adfly links:

There are two types of links in Adfly Ad views. There are two types of views according to which you will make different amount of money online on

  • Unique View 
  • Raw View 

Unique View:

Average amount paid for 1000 visitors to the website in the 24-hour period.

Raw View:

Average amount paid on the first advert view for 1000 link views in the 24-hour period. In this case the views matter not visitors.

Let us take an example to understand it. Let us say that one person clicked on two of your links within 24 hour period, this mean that you have got one unique view but two raw views. Raw views pay slightly less than unique views.

Tools and Features Provided by for making money online: has many features and tools which can help you to make money. Getting a Clear idea about them would help you to use them fully to make money online with adfly.

Mass Shrinker:

Mass Shrinker is a tool which allows you to shrink up to 20 URLs at a time. It is a good tool, if you want to shrink many URLs at a time.

Multiple Links:

Multiple Links allows Adfly to convert ALL of the links on a page into Paid Links. You simply cut & paste the HTML of a page into the HTML box of the tool and it will generate a new page for you.

Easy Link:

If you don’t need a short URL and you just want to make money from your blog or website, Easy Link provides you the quickest and simplest possible way to earn with

Replace "" with whatever URL you wish the user to go to if they skip the advertisement. You do not need to even login to to use this and your account will be credited in the same way as if you had shortened the link.

If you want the Easy Link with the Banner advertising (less money, but less intrusive):


Bookmarklet is toolbar that you can install in your browser. Whenever you visit a page online you just simply click 'Shorten with!' button in your tool bar and you will get shortened link for that URL.

API Documentation:

API Documentation tool  provides you everything you need to integrate links in your applications.

Google Analytics:

You can use Google Analytics tool to see your statistics in Google analytics.

Full Page Script:

If you have a blog or website and you want to convert all your links into links, Full Page Script tool gives you the code for to convert all your links into links.

Website Entry Script:

Website Entry Script tool allows you to make money every time someone enters your blog or website. First the visitor had to see advertisement for 5 seconds and then he will be allowed to visit your site.

Export Links and Stats:

Export Links and Stats tool allows you to export your shortened links and statistics so that you can have a backup of them.


Domains tool allows you to use your domain or subdomain names with service. If your website/blog URL is, your links could now look like

Pop Ads:

If you have a website or blog and wish to earn money, when a visitor simply enters your site (even without clicking an Adfly link!), you can use Pop Ads tool to display Pop Ads.

Mass Delete:

Recently Adfly added Mass Delete tool which allows you to delete your links that were created in a given data range. You can select data range and delete your links at one click.


Plugins tool provide wordpress users a plug-in to integrate on their blogs.

What are the Types of Ads Provided by Adfly?

Adfly provides two types of ads:

  • Desktop 
  • Mobile ads 

Desktop CPV (PPV):

Interstitials CPV (PPV): 

This is CPV (Cost per View) in other words PPV (Pay per View) ads that are shown for 5 seconds. Example Link:

Top Banner CPV (PPV): 

These are CPM (Cost per Mile) banner ad shown at the top of the website URL you shortened using Example link:

Mobile CPM:

Interstitials CPM: 

This indicates the money you will get for every 1000 ad views on mobile phones that the visitor has to see for at least 5 seconds. Example link:

Top Banner CPM: 

This indicates the money that you will earn for every 1000 impressions of banners on mobile phones. Example link:

Where to Get Traffic for Adfly links and Adfly Clicks? 

Many people ask How to Get Adfly Clicks? Here is the answer for you. A great way to attract lots of users to click on Adfly links is to set up and share Adfly links with pages, groups and communities on social networks. Many of these pages, groups and communities have more than a million users - so if you get a part of it, you can make good money very quickly! You can also make more money by making videos and post them to YouTube and leave a link in the description. You can also earn much money by bringing referrals. Here are the other ways to get traffic for Adfly links.

Where to Post Adfly Links?

Adfly Links can be posted on blogs, forums, comments, websites and social networks to make money online with Adfly.

Adfly Facebook:

Millions of people use Facebook every day, so Facebook Adfly is the best way to post Adfly links and publish them. Post your Adfly links in your Facebook page, community, groups and the like and you can get much traffic for Adfly from Facebook.

Adfly Twitter:

Get some followers on twitter and post Adfly links. Twitter Adfly will make twitter followers to click on Adfly links.


Share Adfly links with pages, communities and groups on Google+. Then, it increases Adfly links and clicks.


You can also use for Adfly links by uploading videos.


Publish pictures of popular content with Adfly links of your website.

Make a Website:

You can make a free website (blog or free Google site) and post Adfly links on the website with your content.

Ask your Friends:

Ask your friends to follow Adfly links on your website.

Use Forums:

Sign Up for Forums with related topics. Write posts or comments on forums to promote Adfly links and website. Be aware if you spam, they will deactivate the account.

Think of also these before Going for Adfly:

  • Adfly annoys visitors who click your link. 
  • Adfly payout rates are quite low for some countries. 
  • Visitors that visit links must have Java Script and Flash Enabled to get publisher (shortener) credited for visits. 

How to create Adfly URL or Links?

  • Go to Homepage. 
  • In the box type or paste URL you like to Shorten. 
  • Press “Shorten” 
  • Your Adfly URL or Link is ready. 
  • Done. 
  • For Example, when you type or paste “” 
  • shortens it and gives you a links “” 
  • Adfly short URL or link can be shared anywhere on the web. 
  • Done. 

How Much money Can You make from Adfly?

Now the most important question is how much money can you make from Adfly? At an average pays you $2/1000 visits to your links. But it is an average. From USA you can make as much as $9/1000 visits while from Asian countries you may make less than a dollar for 1000 visits.

Do You Think Is it Low?

It might be low compared to those get rich quick scams that claims that you can make more than $1000 a day sitting at sofa. Earning real money needs patience and hard work.

There are people making more than $50 a day using Adfly. The only secrets are persistent and continuous effort.

Now, you know Adfly and other details related to Adfly. Adfly is recommended for making money with links and URL. Now, sign up at Adfly so that you can start seeing few cents in your account within few minutes. Don’t worry! It’s FREE to Sign Up and just takes a few seconds. Let’s see quickly how to join

How to Join

Sign up process for Adfly is quite easy. The steps are given here so that even a beginner can also join and start making money posting links on the web.

  • Go to 
  • Click on "Join Now" 
  • Enter your Name, Username and Email 
  • Account type is already by default is “Links Shrinker” so there is nothing to do 
  • Enter Password and complete the Human Check 
  • Agree with terms and conditions (better you read them) 
  • Click on ‘Join’ 
  • You will receive an email from to the Email Address you gave while signing up 
  • Follow the instructions given in the email to confirm your Sign Up 
  • The whole process will not take more than 2 minutes. 

Have Patience:

This is where the majority of people fail, they don't have patience and give up soon. Also some others think that they will earn very small amount, so what's the use? But the truth is even a millionaire starts from making cents. Slow and steady wins the race, and it applies very true for making money with

These are not the only ways; you can create your own ways to make even more money using

If your visitor likes what he get after seeing ad for 5 seconds, it worth his time or else he wasted his valuable time. So never spam links that have nothing interesting or valuable to offer all over the web just to get clicks, or you will be called a spammer. I hope you will understand it because spamming is not only a bad practice but it can also have your account suspended at

In a nutshell; make account, shorten some valuable webpage URLs and share them on the web. See money adding up in your account. Good Luck!

Note (before signing up to Don't just join for sake of joining it. Many people sign up and think that they will get rich within an hour, doing nothing. I hope you are not that kind of person. After joining, start sharing your links so that it can reach most number of people. Most probably you will see only cents or even less in your dashboard but if you continue, those cents will convert to dollars and soon you will get your first payout from

Other URL Shorteners to Make Money Online:

In this Ways to Make Money Online with Adfly URL Shortener, you have learnt:

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